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Content Marketing News: Intel wins at VMX but so does OUTDOORFLICS, Plus Our February ‘Best Of’ List

February Content Marketing News:

The Video Marketing Excellence (VMX) Awards recently announced the winners of its first annual awards program honoring brands, agencies, publishers and creators producing superior video content to support brand marketing.

The OUTDOORFLICS production, Project Z was honored to be a top 10 nominee. Partner Jason Meninger said “It was great to be nominated with some of the greatest brands and studios in the content marketing world. It was also tribute to the results that we were able to achieve for our client Z-Man Fishing.”

Intel won Best Branded Web Series with “What Lives Inside”.  Other nominees included:

  • Adventure Advertising, LLC / OutdoorFlics — Project Z, Season 2 Original Web Series
  • Bender/Helper Impact — Mode Media’s “100 Years of Fashion” series
  • Conde Nast Entertainment — Eat. Stay. Love.
  • Edelman — Pet Code with Tobuscus and Gryphon
  • Federated Media — Cadillac Project Re:Use
  • Hearst Digital Studios — Love Starts Now
  • Maker Studios — Bare Minerals Spreading the Beauty Within
  • Pereira & O’Dell — “What Lives Inside”
  • Prosek Partners — Courageous Leaders
  • StyleHaul — Vanity


Best of Content Marketing for February 2016

1. Brooks – The Rundead

Ok, so we have a few “Walking Dead” Fans hear in the office as well as some hard-core runners so this one appealed to us on multiple levels. So why put zombies, who are typically slow-moving and dead, in an ad selling running shoes?  Jon Wyville, EVP, creative director at Leo Burnett, said the agency wanted to find an unexpected way to get across Brooks’ message—that running can change a day, a life and the world. That shoes, and running, have the power to transform anyone, even a zombie.

The power of the shoes (and running) can transform your day from dreary to delightful and can even transform a pack of bloodthirsty zombies into something that’s, well, almost human.

2. KitKat/Nestle: Sustainability Ad Series

Nestlé is touting KitKat’s commitment to sustainable cocoa farming with a new series of ads set in the Ivory Coast (or Côte d’Ivoire)—starring international soccer celebrity, Didier Drogba. The series is hosted by YouTube travel personality, Louis Cole (1.7 million subscribers). Content marketing using two tried and true engagement grabbers, niche influencers and social activism.

In the first ad of the series, Didier Drogba and Louis Cole team up to visit a school built by the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in the Ivory Coast. In keeping with KitKat’s famous tagline, he gives them a break to play soccer. The ball, it turns out, is anything but ordinary: It doubles as a battery that charges kinetically when kicked around, and includes a special fixture that can power a light.

3. iPhone: User generated ‘Centriphone’ Experiment

Consumers increasingly create content that sells products as well as, if not better than, their own brand marketing teams. In fact, we featured a UG video for Tesla in last months ‘ best of ‘ article.  iPhone itself has been using photos captured by consumers in print and outdoor ads for some time, but a video of an amazing visual effect that anyone can create (once they master some basic lasso skills), that’s something new. With just over 3.6 million views in a month, that’s some pretty good reach for free advertising.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 6, skier Nicolas Vuignier demonstrates a cool method to make a video selfie that captures the action from a 360-degree point of view. By spinning his phone on a string, then replaying in slow motion, the skier is seen from different perspectives as he skis a sweet looking line down the mountain.

4. The Shryock Brothers Untapped

Bass Fishing enthusiasts are going to want to check out the latest video produced by angler Hunter Shryock, whose work is released under the 496 Films label. The series is called The Shryock Brothers Untapped and this is the fourth episode in the series. Similar to our  award nominated Project Z , this is another example of how brands can reach niche enthusiasts with well crafted content via influencers.

The videography and production work is top notch and if this doesn’t get you amped up to go catch fish or for the season at hand, that’s your fault. It includes some incredible action shots of Hunter and brother Fletcher Shryock punching and pitching some thick vegetation at the Stick Marsh along the east coast of central Florida. Elite Series angler Terry Scroggins even makes a cameo appearance.

With so many different ways to reach your audience, it’s important to stay on top of the latest tactics and trends in the ever evolving field of digital marketing.
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