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Niche Content Poised To Drive Online Video

Niche content is anything that a passionate audience rallies around and creates an emotional and loyal connection to viewers over and over again. Niche video content matters because it has been a driving force for major shifts in consumer video since the beginning of broadcast television. Now, unlike ever before, niche content owners have the ability to do their own thing — and to do it profitably. Of course, this takes some knowledge of the industry but this is where companies can help empower both smaller content providers and content owners who have never before thought of being their own distributor and owning their audience.

The Technology Environment

1. Ubiquity of high-speed internet access: Oceans of bandwidth are now available everywhere (not just in the home).

2. Ubiquity of streaming capable devices: Incredibly cheap content access devices are available and purchased by everyone in all viewing contexts (home TV/set top, mobile, and tablet).

3. The emergence of cloud computing: Infrastructure and software services – and an energetic start-up ecosystem around it – are making discover-able and low risk experiences a reality for any content owner.


Steps to Owning Your Audience

have evolved, from cable packages/bundles to over-the-top content providers, from the living room television to tiny screens everywhere. Niche content owners and creators can now truly own their audience by taking advantage of all of the power currently at their fingertips.

How do I start owning my audience?

1. Know your viewer: Use tools like Google Analytics to understand who your viewers are and how they engage with your content.

2. Take risks: Look into  video content-management platforms where  you can try new strategies, like windowing, presenting in multiple languages, subscriptions, and more.Many platforms are low commitment, low cost, and grow with you to make risk taking possible.

3. Get on the set-top bus: There are so many new opportunities with ecosystems like Roku and Amazon Fire TV for all types of content owners and creators. These are new markets with growing adoption.

4. Own your discovery: Aggregators and consumer platforms like YouTube thrive on being search-engine friendly and discover-able on the open web and social media. Are you doing everything you can to make your content discoverable? Do you have a destination site, and is it search engine optimized? Free tools like Google Webmaster Tools, and paid tools like SEO Moz make it easy for anyone to start doing basic discovery improvements.

5. Own your marketing: With your own branded streaming destinations, you can leverage tools like Unbounce, Mailchimp, and Google AdWords for viewer registration, email marketing, and search-engine marketing. There is a whole universe of CRM and marketing tools available to content owners.

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