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The Case For a Multi-Platform Video Distribution Strategy

As a brand, you know you need to be creating video content, but what is the best way to distribute this video to reach your target audience? Samantha Merlivat, Forrester Researcher and author of Branded Video Marketing Success Starts with Customer-Centric Distribution explains, “Producing content before having a clear distribution strategy makes campaign distribution highly inefficient.” Different people are on different platforms for different reasons and Forrester argues that your content must align with this.

Relying on organic traffic is not a smart strategy. Most marketers will need to pay to get preliminary traffic. But that preliminary traffic will spark more organic engagement and growth, in turn so it’s not like you have to pay for 100% of your video exposure. So how do you go about alloacting resources in your distribution strategy?

Facebook gets many views quicker than any other platform. Tubular labs reported in June that newly uploaded videos reach 1 Million views quicker than on any other platform. On the other hand YouTube provides long tail views providing extended view growth over a longer time frame.

Facebook also owns the stats for Day-1 views with 50% of total views coming in day 1, while on average, only 20% of YouTube views occur on day 1. When you did deeper into the types of content that garner the views on each platform, Face book is 50 UGC and YouTube receives the most branded content views (17%) compared to only 1% of Facebook views.

Given that the large distribution channels show now signs of slowing down in terns of viewership and engagement, marketers need a well-thought out strategy that utilizes the strengths of each platform to obtain the best results.

Tips For Multi-Platform Video Distribution

  • Facebook
    1. Facebook autoplays videos with out sound, so make the first frame very catchy and consider the use of sub-titles. A recent study from Ad tech startup Adaptly and growing media publisher Refinery29 reported that wile placing subtitles on video content within Facebook did not have a meaningful impact on views, it did increase completion rates. Videos with subtitles enjoyed a 4% boost in completion, with no loss in views.
    2. Facebook can garner a large number of views quickly so consider using this platform to kick-off a video campaign by sequencing short trailers prior to delivering long-form video within the Facebook News Feed. The Adabply/Refinery29 study reported that the use of trailers did increase the number of views full-lengh content by 6%.
    3. However, trailers should be used in moderation as it was also founds that viewers exposed to a trailer were also 53% less likely to watch the content to completion than a control group.
  • YouTube
    1. Creator personalities (subscribers/fans) are critical to driving repeat viewers so consider utilizing imfluecers in your videos and also distribute your content on the influencer pages with larger fan bases
    2. Youtube is 2nd largest search engine so make content evergreen and searchable and utilize the description to answer searched questions.

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