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72.1% of US Internet Users Will Use Over-The-Top Video Services by 2019

US Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Service Users, 2014-2019 (millions and % of internet users)

In a new eMarketer report, “Q4 2015 State of Video: Monetization, Audience, Platforms and Content,” shows that the vast majority of digital video viewers use over-the-top video services. The category is near saturation, in large part because of YouTube’s commanding presence in this area, but for many players in the market there is still significant room for growth.
eMarketer’s breakout of US OTT users by service shows that YouTube is prevalent, with a more than 94% penetration rate throughout the forecast period. There is little if any room for YouTube to grow beyond this near saturation, but other leading services will undergo significant growth over the next several years. Netflix will increase its share of OTT video service users to 71.7% in 2019, up from 63.2% in 2015. During that same timeframe, Amazon will grow to 44.4% from 36.0%, and Hulu will climb to 41.2% from 33.1%. These rates indicate that US OTT usage is on a sharp growth trajectory, even factoring out YouTube.
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