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Using Video Streaming Data to Guide Influencer Strategy

A new visualization of the online video industry can help you plan your next influencer marketing campaign.

As video consumption just keeps growing aggressively,  the conflict between the companies who dominate becomes more contentious. At times, it can be difficult to understand the players who’re becoming the ideal channels for influencer marketing campaigns, the key platforms for creators to embrace and where the audiences are growing and falling. Mode Media decided to take a shot at visualizing all of that into a map that organizes the industry into a landscape reminiscent of that game of Risk you played in your youth.

The structure of the map takes comScore data from U.S. viewing habits into account to represent the size of the “states” within each “country” (or category of video supplier). Mode Media noted that their visualization is purely based on views of videos so this should be a direct comparison across video platforms, social networks, streamers and owned content sites.

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There are still many more things that go into generating a well executed influencer marketing strategy but this map represents a quick way for brands and marketers to identify where their video marketing budget should go to maximize views and visibility.

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