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Using Video To Invigorate Your Email Campaigns

Email offers a reliable, consistent and inexpensive means to target individuals at mass with a somewhat personalized messages. But it’s starting to fall amazingly short. The issue with email marketing is that its too easy to do and everyone is doing it. Your emails are just part of a mass-influz of spam we all get each and everyday.

But wait, these people signed up  to receive my content, how can it be spam? The bottom line is you need to cut through the clutter and get those people to see your message, open it, engage with it, take the desired action. Using interactive video content in your email marketing continues to be proven as a hugely effective tactic to get this done. Report after report validates that emails with video content as the primary CTA generate higher click-through rates on average, and even using the word “video” in the subject can boost open rates. Why? We all love video.

However, most email clients still won’t play video inline and offering  a link to a video on YouTube might just have my customer distracted by the next big trending cat video. Here are some tips offered up by Vidyard to “Breathe New Life into your Email Marketing

  1. Use a big image with a play button in your email that links directly to the video. Take it one step firther and make the image an animated GIF so it appears to be a short video loop playing back in their inbox.
  2. Send them to YOUR landing page, not YouTube
  3. Use AutoPlay on your landing page. If someone clicks the animated GIF thumbnail image with a play button on it, they’re ready to watch and are expecting a video to play.


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