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Top 5 Content & Marketing – Sep/Oct 2015

Here at OutdoorFlics we spend a lot of time with content creators, publishers and brands. Our team is dedicated to staying on top of whats happening the in the fast-paced word of video marketing so that we can help our clients achieve the best ROI for their projects. In these efforts, at lot of amazing content comes across our desk so we thought it would be a good idea to start sharing the best of what we find with our website viewers.

1)   Toyota Fuel by the Future  – Back-to-the-Future Day (10-21-2015)

They had 30 years to prepare and this ad did not disappoint. Part of the “Fueled by Everything” campaign from Droga5, the work promotes Toyota’s new Mirai, a car that uses a variation of the hydrogen fuel cell technology that the 1989 film predicted.

2)  A Pitch-Perfect Parody Video From Quiznos

In September, Quiznos issued another parody video making fun of Burning Man and the second installment of the Maze Runner franchise, The Scorch Trials. Burning Man wasn’t exactly happy with it as festival spokesman Jim Graham told the Reno Gazette-Journal that organizers take issue with the clip and are considering legal action. However, the latest spot is another example of how Quiznos nails parody.

The videos appear on what Quiznos calls Toasty.TV and have markedly improved the brand’s engagement. According to Quiznos, the parody efforts have topped 11 million video views, and there have been over 38,000 engagements on the channel, a 63 percent increase since its launch. Quiznos’ store-locator traffic online has jumped 94 percent since Toasty.TV launched in March 2014, with spikes during the parody launches.The effort has increased Quiznos’ following on Twitter (up 46 percent) and Instagram (up 621 percent), too.

3)  Mercedes-Benz The uncrashable Toy Cars

The automaker installed heavy-duty magnets inside toy cars to highlight its Brake Assist System PLUS. The video then shows kids—who are delighted, of course, by crashing toy cars into each other—playing with the magnet cars. Let’s just say they’re not in love with them.

The ad is a creative way to highlight that Mercedes-Benz’s breaking features  but it also doubles as a social experiment for children.

4) A Grandiose mini-manifesto from Delta Airlines

This work is part of the “Keep Climbing” campaign but takes a slightly new direction to show how Delta enables the pursuit of opportunity, connecting flyers to great experiences, adventures and opportunities in the world.

It may be a tab-bit overreaching in parts—e.g., comparing today’s travelers to “the pioneers … in canoes and covered wagons, with wild eyes and big-fevered dreams”—it sure beats focusing on the reality of today’s air travel.

The visual approach is unique—not showing a single airplane. The first half of the spot almost evokes space travel, as the close-up of the runway lines flying by gives a sense of lifting. The final shot is lovely, too, bringing a calmness to what’s been a bit of a bumpy ride.  There is a notable sound track that is much more present when listenng with headphones featureinga deep roar that pulsates more and more quickly as the plane gathers speed, making the spot even more intense.

5)  The Chicken-Treat Twitter Page

If you read some recent tweets from Australian barbecue chain Chicken Treat, you might conclude that a strange bird is running its feed. And you’d be right…..

The franchise put a keyboard inside a henhouse and let a freaky fowl named Betty have it. She’s been using the hunt and peck method to broadcast on behalf of the brand, as part of an ad campaign that’s generated ample publicity.

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