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Give Your Video Marketing a Boost With New Technologies

Some of the best marketing embodies the brand promise you’re trying to communicate. This is especially true of well-crafted products, whose advertising had better be well-crafted, too. In this installment of our “Best of Content Marketing,” we take a look at some brands who found a way to weave technologies new and old into their video content marketing to help build their brand.

Intel “100 Drones Light Show”

Marketers have homed in on the fact that the use of drones can intensify their marketing efforts. Companies across all industries are realizing the value that drones can have to showcase their product, property, facility or area. Intel seized on the growing popularity of drone use, along with the FAA’s loosening of restrictions on who can pilot commercial drones, to put on a flying robot light show.

In this video content marketing clip, 100 drones—manned by a single operator (and his walkie-talkie-sporting support team)—dance across the night sky, changing color in concert and flowing between choreographed formations. Intel staged and filmed the event—the first such swarm with explicit FAA approval—in the Palm Springs desert.

GMC #EnlistMe 360 Video

Facebook and YouTube have been aggressively dialing up their 360-degree video efforts in recent months, and this immersive video format has emerged as the latest playground for marketers to experiment with to help their brand. In one such experiment, GMC created an exhilarating 360-degree video that gives viewers a taste of what it’s like to go skydiving. It’s a captivating and inspiring piece of film.

GMC worked with Reel FX to create a 360-degree video as part of their new campaign, #EnlistMe. The campaign is meant to help boost awareness and raise money for Building for America’s Bravest, an organization that builds custom smart homes for injured veterans. The production house used Red Epic Dragons for its traditional shooting components and six camera clusters of GoPros for the 360-degree components. To get the full video coverage, they jumped out of the plane four different times and edited that footage together, according to Elliot Dillman, director for Reel FX.

Becks “Cap-Cam”

Becks beer recently introduced a new campaign that went in a different direction to utilize 360-degree video for their brand marketing efforts. Beck’s and BBDO Germany came up with a clever way to hide technology in its products that doubles as a bit of free promotion. They created a tiny camera that fits on top of a beer bottle. The gadget sticks to iPhone cameras and uses a mirror to let consumers shoot 360-degree footage.

Beck’s is giving away the so-called “CapCams” to its Facebook fans with a contest. In addition to filming content, the lens also connects to Facebook’s app so that people can upload their clips using Facebook’s recently added 360-degree photo feature.

Honda “Road Readers”

Utilizing technology for your brand’s marketing efforts doesn’t have to be quite so bleeding edge. For example, the next new thing in digital media marketing for American Honda Motor Company leverages one of the oldest forms of media –literature. Earlier this year, the brand launched Honda Road Readers, an app (available on Apple® and Android™) that provides Honda drivers free access to children’s audiobooks. The introductory video and the program is being promoted on Honda’s social channels, using the hashtag #HondaRoadReaders.

Jaguar “Actual Reality”

Jaguar recently won accolades (a Silver and a Bronze) in the Cannes Design Lions for cleverly incorporating this technology in a way that resonates with the brand. They created a customer virtual reality experience to showcase the driving experience of a Jaguar that turned out to be, well, not so virtual.

Being duped is fun when the experience you had is better than the one you’d signed up for. Kudos to Jaguar and Y&R New Zealand for finding a unique way to incorporate technology that resonates with the brand.


Hopefully the videos in this showcase can help inspire you on how to enhance your brand message by utilizing some of the latest video technologies. The challenge, if there is one, is determining when and where to get started. What’s your plan?



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