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Should Advertisers Fight the Ad Blockers?

Is it any wonder ad blockers are becoming increasingly popular? Advertising has done a disservice to viewers since, well, the beginning of advertising.  Consumers have been bombarded with too many ads, selling us things we don’t need, first on TV, then desktops and now with the rise in smart-phone usage, even our phones have been taken hostage.  Advertising is seen as annoying and disruptive so consumers look to blockers for relief.

If this is how people feel about advertising. Who should we blame? Agencies that create the ads, media firms that buy the space, broadcasters and publishers that run them? The truth is, good advertising is a balance. Good advertising is an exchange for great content.

Digital video gives where viewers have much greater control over what and when they watch, with mobile video, on-demand, over-the-top and subscription models.  At the same time, these digital platforms allow brands to connect directly with viewers. This presents a huge opportunity where the burden is on brands to create something compelling enough for viewers to want to watch, or even seek out.  This is why brands have been embracing the development of original video content.

For tips on how to create a great branded video check of this videoInk post

The tips we found most useful were:

  • Tell a great story. Story telling is the most effective way to engage and persuade people. brands can use stories to create experiences that encourage engagement.
  • Acknowledge platform differences. Different people are on different platforms for different reasons and your content must align with this. This creates a  case for a multi-platform video distribution strategy
  • Embrace social. Social media isn’t just a marketing tactic, social media is marketing. Social media is always on, and requires resource investment to manage and measure (see next point).



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