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Optimizing for the Feed: Must Know Facts About Video Marketing with Social Media

It has only been two short years since Facebook rolled out premium in-feed video ads, and other social platforms have followed suit with their own video ad products. As the inventory and creative options expand it may seem like it’s impossible to keep up,  but here are 5 must-know facts to help keep you in-the-know with video marketing on social media.

  1. Trending Video Marketing News#Trending: Video ad spending on social.

eMarketer believes the conversation about social and TV is changing in favor of social. For buyers who want the best way to reach their audience, the growing video businesses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat now present a viable alternative to TV.
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TRBC and Advertising Age have found that the percentage of marketers using TV ad dollars as a source of funding for digital campaigns is on the rise. In February 2016, 40% of respondents said they were doing so, up from 37% in September 2015.
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  1. Partner News: Using interactive video campaigns to boost engagement.

    Online rollover ads that allow consumers move their mouse over a video promo to access more information about a product or brand have been a boon for publishers looking to increase engagement times on their videos. Now, those video formats are coming to Facebook and Instagram.

    OutdoorFlics’ technology partner Innovid, – a company who also powers campaigns for larger publishing houses including CBS, MSN, Crackle, Hulu and Roku – , recently launched a beta program to make its interactive video ads compatible with social posts.

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  2. Staying Relevant: Making the most of the new Facebook algorithm

    Last month Facebook announced that they will begin showing more relevant content to you based on the time users spent viewing a post. This change will apply to any third party link that is displayed in the Facebook mobile app or as an Instant Article.  In order to succeed within Facebook’s new feed, brands need to promote content that holds readers’ attention.

    Learn more:

  1. How To: Capturing attention in feed with video.

    Over 100 million hours of video are being consumed on Facebook every day (FB data Dec 2015). Think about scrolling through the News Feed on your phone; consumption is fast, frequent and sound-free. For these reasons, video ads on the News Feed need to bring your brand to the front to capture people’s attention quickly and be understandable regardless of sound by using captions or other visual techniques.

    Learn how to craft your brand’s video in ways that better meet the habits and expectations of your consumers in this Facebook IQ article: The Science Behind Effective Facebook Video Creative

  2. Tip: Use Trending Social For Inspiration

    Looking to trending topics and events may help you get through that next content idea slowdown. Marketers can identify relatable topics and leverage them for their own videos. Using the hashtag for the topic is a nice way to attract more eyeballs to your video and capitalize on the buzz. The most important thing to remember if you try this tactic, is to make sure that the content complements your brand. No matter the topic, genre, or creative direction, you have to make sure the video will resonate with your target audience.

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    How to Use Trending Topics and Events to Inspire Online Videos 


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