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Facebook Goes All-In On New Video Experiences

Facebook has been on a roll lately with its video content. A new study by Ad Age suggests that it’s becoming more well-received in terms of video ads than its main competitor, YouTube. The study, conducted by RBC Capital Markets, polled 1,000 advertising professionals. Out of those surveyed, 11 percent believe that Facebook video ads are “significantly” better than YouTube’s in terms of return investment. However, another 25 percent stated that its video ads were “somewhat better,” indicating that a majority does prefer how they’re set up.(Ad Age Study),

In a recent blog post from Will Cathcart, Facebook VP of Product Management, gave an update on some of the things they’ve been working on over the past year, along with a hint of the new features we may see in the coming months.

New Immersive Video Formats

In August, Facebook announced that public figures can share with their fans via Mentions. To date there have been  thousands of  candid live videos. They also rolled out 360 video  in September, enabling people to view a video from all angles right in News Feed. Star Wars and Discovery were among the first publishers to share these stunning videos on Facebook.

New Video Tests

Suggested videos is one of the features Facebook has been testing on iPhone, making it easy to discover multiple related videos in a row after you tap on a video from News Feed. Facebook reports that they are pleased with initial test results, which show that people who have suggested videos are discovering and watching more new videos. Suggested videos has been rolled out  to most people on iPhone globally, and they are starting to test ads within the experience. This feature should be tested on Android phones in the coming months.

In addition to helping people find more videos they may be interested in, Facebook is introducing a means for its users to multitask while they watch videos. To make this possible, they’re testing a way for people to watch a video in a floating screen while simultaneously multitasking on Facebook.

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