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How To Access ‘Sold Out’ Premium Video Inventory

The IAB predicts that U.S. digital video advertising revenue will reach $5 billion this year. The truth is that brand safe, premium video inventory is hard—nay almost impossible—to come by in today’s crowded, sold-out marketplace, and doubly so during major holidays or political seasons.

However, thanks to new video formats that are available through programmatic platforms, premium video inventory—across top publishers and mobile apps—is getting blown open. Take Virool, for example. This startup created a new “outstream” video format that makes it easy to create and buy practically unlimited premium video inventory on both mobile and desktop. Outstream video comes with it’s own video player, inserts itself into regular text-based stories and then pauses when scrolled out of view and disappears when completed. This format makes it possible for marketers to advertise with video everywhere their target audience may be, and in a format this is more organic and “native” to the editorial environment.

Here at OUTDOORFLICS, we utilized Virool for the  Z-Man ProjectZ webisode distribution and the Exmark Take Back Your Weekends Video Contest promotion. We were very pleased with the campaign ROI and are looking to build upon that success in 2016.

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